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THE SUBWAYS:Play with your ears and your heart. Not so much with your brain.

This summer you have taken part in the Russian festival KUBANA. This year, during your set there was a hell of a dust storm. How was it to act in such conditions?

Billy: It’s always fun facing up to a challenge! If we see that the conditions are difficult we thrive on the idea of making things work and making the event fun!

Josh: Even if I were to play during a sand hurricane, I would still rock the place and have fun. Conditions affect nothing!

The next day, after the Kubana set you were reading books to the children. How did this event go and what was the reaction of the children? (Because in Russia , not every adult understands English, let alone children).

Billy: We actually learnt the Russian words and read aloud to the children in Russian. It was challenging and fun, and made for a really exciting day. We met some great people and I got a free version of The Hungry Caterpillar in Russian!

Charlotte: I so enjoyed our extra day at Kubana Festival. Reading to the children was such a lovely thing to do. I DJ’ed on the beach which was so much fun! We hung out and watched some more bands, and I remember dancing in the Bar tent with my friend for hours – an awesome party indeed!

Well, if we started talking about the literature - What writer is popular now in England? and whom do you recommend to read?

Billy: Martin Amis has become very popular again, which is very good to see. As a recommendation I would suggest anything by Charles Dickens, though Little Dorrit and A Tale of Two Cities in particular, and Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. Wonderful novels!

Josh: I'm a fan of the old English language, so I would recommend H. G Wells and J. R. R Tolkien. But, for modern English Nick Hornby is a funny dude.

What is the secret of your success? And what advice would you give to the beginning bands?

Josh: Play with your ears and your heart. Not so much with your brain.

Charlotte: Take every opportunity given to you. We’ve never been afraid to do something that sounds a bit crazy or out of our depth. You learn best by jumping in the deep end.

Question to Charlotte. - You are so fragile and play the bass guitar. How do you cope with it ?

Charlotte: Hehe, you haven’t met me if you think I’m too fragile to play the bass wink

Who's the leader in your band? How do you deal with the quarrels and disagreements if they arise?

Josh: We have a constitutional monarchy, like Great Britain. Billy is our king, and our songs are his subjects. Charlotte and I are the Prime Ministers who help him. But, it’s all about the subjects, that’s why we do this. And as for arguments, Charlotte and I just pretend to let Billy win. Happy king, happy country I say.

Let's talk a little bit about mysticism. Have ever in your life happened the mystical coincidences?

Billy: I’m very interested in the scientific approach and the scientific process. I find the wonder and the beauty of the cosmos much more engaging and awe-inspiring than the mystical.

How do you think can we choose our destiny?

Billy: I believe that if you really want something, it is up to you to reach out and get it. Though help along the way is very useful. My belief is that you must do what you love.

What can make you laugh?

Josh: My daughter makes me laugh more than anything.

Billy: I have a dark sense of humour, so anything that is out of the ordinary!

Well, the last traditional question: Have you ever had sex to their own music?

Billy: Never! Only to other people’s music! I think it would be strange hearing my own voice aloud in my most intimate moments! But I like the idea of other people having sex to our music!

Julia Andreeva,Varvara Murasheva, Evgeniya Guzhva

P.S Many thanks to Ben Kirby for assistance in arranging interviews.

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