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STONE COLD DEAD´s music is a mixture of extreme groove metal, and experimental rock, forged with baritone guitars and bowed contrabass. The band is featuring former Rotting Christ and Nightfall guitarist George Bokos and their debut album, "Lava Flows" will be released November 6th via Volcanic Music.

album was produced and engineered by George Bokos (Melecesh, George Kollias, Wolfheart etc.), while mixing & mastering was handled by his studio partner Vasilis Gouvatsos at Grindhouse Studio Athens. The CD's artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu, (At The Gates, Paradise Lost, Arch Enemy etc.)

"Lava Flows" line-up: George Bokos: guitars, vocals Charis Pazaroulas: contrabass, electric bass Yannis Stavropoulos: drums

I.STONE (only studio) Dimitrios Dorian (Vorskaath): drums

II.COLD George Kollias: drums

III.DEAD (only studio) Stone Cold Dead in facebook: [url=http://www.facebook.com/StoneColdDead] [/url]

Official 1st teaser: [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySZhE7xw-4Y]My WebPage[/url]

Band contact: george@stone-cold-dead.com

STONE COLD DEAD / LAVA FLOWS Out 6.11.2015 via Volcanic Music I. STONE 1. Climbing The Cave 2. Cyclone Speaking 3. Lava Flows II. COLD 4. Death Drive 5. The Black Snake 6. Hubrism III. DEAD 7. Deconstructing The Architect 8. Umbilical Cord 9. And The Tree Becomes A Sphere

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