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"If you start doing it, you should do it" Interview with Barney (Napalm Death)

Your new album is out now?
Barney : Yes.
So why did you decide to take this title?
Barney : So If you know what 'utilitarian' is, it is like phylosophical and ethical term, i didn't want to talk about it, but i wanted to make parallels. Living is not easy, and where that kind of becomes effective or not effective, when you start thinking that something is effective or not effective to do, it is especially now, there is a certain shift and things gonna get even worse.
So did you make any musical shift in this album as well?
Barney : No, it is only the interpretation and slightly different sound but nothing drastically different.
You have been on stage for so many year. Have you ever felt tired?
Barney : If i do then i should not be here. You know if you start doing it, you should do. You know all those people that come to these concerts, so if they come i should do.
What helps you to keep rocking then?
Barney : I just have enthusiam for it. I wouldn't change anything for myself.
There are many modern rock genres, like glam rock for example. DO YOU THINK THEY HAVE A FUTURE?
Barney : That's not really for me to decide. I do what I do. We do what we do. The other bands should not do what i think is the right thing to do. The music in general is so huge so you cannot give analysis of anything. Everything's just so different.
So you think the rock has the future?
Barney : Of course! All music has the future. there are many genres. they never actually die, they are always there.

Are there any crazy things on your rider?
Barney : No, we are very sensible. It is a complicated theing. When not so many people come for concerts you can't ask for stupid things. It's all about work you know. Not trying to f8ck somebodies nerves, you know.
Many bands have the thing for collecting t-shirts from the fests they perform at. Do you do the same?
Barney : Yeah, i have some. I don't have all, because thenm i won't have enough space for them.
And how do you choose the t-shirts that you wear on the gig/ Is it of some band that you support?
Barney : No, i just grab one and go. It is nothing so much intentional.
Are there any bands that you can call 'friends'?
Barney : YOu mean influences, or real freinds? But there are lots. I can't name anything specific. i've been making music for 20-something years, so i have many many many many friends from small bands to bigger bands. Friends are friends. If someone comes to you and sais - WHo are your friends, it is like puzzling.
Over all thse years, you learned to get less enraged and annoyed by people probably? Or you still find something very annoying ion people?
Barney : You know, i try to look at the positive side. Yes of course, everybody is a human, but i try to bring more positive to life. Not negative. There is alot negativity already there.

Does the press annoy you a lot?
Barney : No, it doesn't bother me.
But probably you could remember some silly questions that you were asked during the interview.
Barney : The one that made me laugh was 'are you gay'? I'm not. But it wouldn't matter if i was.
So you are vegeterian. is it the fashion or you have some reasons to choose this way?
Barney : Yes. I think that all the aniomals should be treated with humanity. that is why i am vegeterian. I think that eating meat is not correct and not humane.
But do you think being a vegeterian fits well to the image of the metal-star?
Barney : Why? You can be anyone you wantr in this world. It is up to you, it's your choice. You dont have to conform to any stereotypes. We are all human beings here and it is the most important.
Are you already paln new gigs in Russia?
Barney : Sure! My band is nearly most active in Russia. Next year i think because we did the russian tour rescently. But next russian tour will involve even more cities. And some ex-soviet premises.
The bigger, the better.
Barney : and the more. Right.

Thank you so much for the interview!

Interview : Varvara Murasheva
Photo: Julia Andreeva

P/S Thank for Taija Holm assistance in arranging interviews.

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