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Negative - «We are going to win some Oscar!»

Hello, guys! Now we want to ask if you're planning the new album and who will produce it?
Jonne: We don’t have any plans. Now we’re coming back to Finland and we have to play more gigs there. And after that we will be touring. After that, when the time is right. This is Hannu Salmi he will be playing with us.

Yes! We wanted to ask Hannu, are you a new member of Negative or are you in the band only for certain period of time?
Hannu: Ah, time will show that.
Jonne: So far everything’s going well. But he’s a really weirdo guy. Perfect!

What do you generally feel when you come out to the stage?
Jonne: MAGIC! We get hooked on that. You were asking about the addictions in the beginning? I think getting to the stage is an addiction. Sometimes we get nervous. Sometimes we are not. But you never know how it will be.

Ok. So, let's talk about something less serious . Where is the centre of the world now?
Jonne: Well, for us it is perhaps in the rehersal studio, because we spend really a lot of time there. You know now we had to rehearse almost 60 songs in very few days, because of Hannu, So that he learns everything. Our timetable is really hectic and we’re now trying to develop the whole set-up.

That should be really hard.
Jonne: Oh, yes.

Are you currently really busy with the concerts so that you have time only to play gigs, rehears in the studio and for nothing else, or you have some more time to do something else like to go somewhere?
Jay: We mostly practice.
Antti: When we come home I plan to watch some football games and go fishing. What concerns my free time i am planning to hit some festivals.
Jonne: And fishing.
Antti: Fishing on festivals. There’s Ruuka-Rock in Finland. It’s one festival in the north. While everyone was partying there after our show, I was fishing all night until the morning and I was planning to go back at home at 6 o’clock in the morning. I’ve told the crew-guys – ‘Just give me a call and I come back to the bus that will bring us home’. So I was fishing and then I got a phone-call: ‘Hey, Antti. The bus is leaving in thirty minutes or something so you probably should come back to the party-area already.’ “Is everyone else ready?” “Yes, Except Jay.” “Okay. I come!"

Did you catch many fishes?
Antti: Well, I think I did three or four. It was cool, but there were pretty much mosquitos. That’s the only thing. It was really annoying.
Hannu: And I collect bugs. And I keep them alive and I have a really good collection.
Jonne: I’ve told you, he’s weird.

Now it’s popular among certain bands that the band-members make the DJ-sets with music they like? Perhaps someone of you has such plans or experience?
Jonne: Actually I was invited to do something like that during the Tanner-fest, but I am not that kind of person, so I refused.
Antti: I have done that.

Did you like it?
Antti: Yes! I always enjoy listening to the music I like, and there I could turn it on loud and don’t care about what anybody else think!

Perhaps some when you will come with your DJ set in another countris?
Antti: Wow! Interesting idea! Maybe in future.

Nice. And now...you could tell us what for do you need your small fingers?
Jonne: I’ve been wondering that! Only God knows. There are many ways in fact, but I’m not goonna tell you about them

Hah. Perhaps then you know why the fridge is always noisy at night?
Jonne: Hah…My was doing like that. I think it was because of the engine, but now I’ve got the new one and it’s really silent.

Tell us in which historical epoch you would like to live if you had such choice?
Jonne: I think in the ear of Christ. I would really like to know if he could really walk on water./ And well, you know there are many different questions. And also maybe in Imperium era of Rome.
Mr.Snack : And I would like to live in 50ies in Chicago. With those gangsters, you know.
Jonne: There’s a really nice restaurant if you ever call in Tampere, check it out. It’s called 'Speak easy'. The restaurant is about that era. Secret restaurant.

Now a philosophical question: Do you think Mr. Darvin was right? (I mean that did human descend from apes?)
Antti : Yeah! Sure.
Mr. Snack: I am always really careful with the monkeys in the zoos. They are really clever animals.
Jonne: But stop! Perhaps we descended from aliens? What if we came form some outer space? And their aircraft was crashed. And something happened. And they met the monkeys! Yeah! Let’s write a script for a movie! We are going to win some Oscar!

Is there something that you are afraid of?
Mr. Snack: Cockroaches and Bees.
Antti: I have the fear of sharks. And also a fear to die in an airplane crash. Especially if airplane comes on a sea. And there will be a lot of sharks in there. And you survive the crash, but not survive the sharks.

And have you ever felt like you were going mad?
Yes. Day by day. Life is a struggle.

And now our last question: Do you often lie to the journalists when you give interviews?
All: NO! Never!

Nice reply!
Jonne: And you know, I would give you Oscar if I were a part of academy. A journalist Oscar. The interview was really good. Nothing common! Nothing usual.

Thank you so much! We tired our best and we are glad that you enjoyed it.
Thank you!

Authors: Julia Andreeva and Varja Murasheva
Photo: Varja Murasheva

P.S Many thanks to Jonne Aaron for assistance in arranging interviews.

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