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My Dying Bride :"Our music is here to release you from today and take you somewhere else."

The Anniversary Collection of MY DYING BRIDE "Evinta" was released in may. about that your fabs should be thinking listening to familiar songs in a new treatment?
Aaron: It's a very special treatment and one that is very unique. We have not covered our past songs but chopped them up and put them back together in a different way then recorded them with an mini orchestra to create completely new tracks with all new lyrics and female operatic vocals.

Which intruments in your opinion may reflect gloominess in the music?

Aaron: All of them except the drums although they have a pretty good go. It's not just instruments either it's the lyrics and the added ambient sound effects that go together to create the entire experience.

The My Dying Bride constantly suffers changes. What new musical trends do the new members bring into the team? Are there any debates on that basis?

Aaron: It is important to evolve without losing sight of your roots and we are now masters of that. The new members play their part which is evident in the final recording but the core of the band are what hold the focus together to stop us becoming something totally different.

How can we formulate the main message of your music?

Aaron: We do not need to as there is no message. Our music is here to release you from today and take you somewhere else.

[b]You were first time in Russia. Why you've never been traveling to our country?
Promoters did not invit you or there's some other reason?

Aaron: We have been trying to get to Russia for many years but there have always been obstacles put in our way so it never happened - until now! And we had a fantastic time! We will certainly come back as soon as possible.

What do you know about Russia and are there any stereotypes you believe are true?
Aaron: It is rather cold ha ha. The buildings are huge, the people friendly the food very nice but the beer was much more expensive than I expected. I did not try the vodka!

Without which of the benefits of civilization you could easily do without?

Aaron: Tax.

If you have to stay long in solitude, which book you would take to read?
Aaron: The biggest one I could find! Probably Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson.

Julia Andreeva, Varja Murasheva, Evgeniya Guzhva

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