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Interview with Swallow the Sun

Hello! We are from Russia and your band is unfortunatelz not so verz popular there. So we want to ask right away - why did you decide on such beautiful title - Swallow the sun?

StS: Well, it's another story. I think basically it was Juha who while discussing our name said it should be 'Swallow something'. I think we were at a local bar and somebody came up with the name. But it is also widely spread story in the northern countries about something swallowing the sun.

Yeah, the first thing you get in your mind while hearing the title is the association with famous NOrse myth.

StS: Yeah, but mainly it scomes from our winter time. Like here in winter there is an impression that someone has swallowed it. And somehow i was always thinking that the sun is huge. And something that swallowed that must be f*cking big.

And is your music in genral inspired by some mystical things. We know that one of your albums was called 'New Moon' and the name of the othe rone was 'emeral Forest and Blackbird'. Why are you choosing so misterious names?

StS: There is nothing like mystical. Well, we are mystical guys of course, but those names are more like the parts of the tale. Like children's book. And i like this name just as it is. And the 'New Moon' has nothing mystical as well. It actually has to do with Duran Duran. And i won't say more about this.

Okay. And Mr.tapio Wilska said that you are probably the best export band of Finland. But unfortunately not so many people know you in our country so well. Are you planniong anything to promote your music? Maybe even make it more mainstream and played around?

StS: NO. Not at all mainstream. Sure we want to make it as popular as possible, but it is not up to us but for the record label to decide.

So no plans for comming to Russia in the visible future?

Sts: Hopefully! Hopefully! Once we were in Russia already. 5 years ago i think and it was pretty cool! We played in St.Petersurg and Moscow. But meanwhile we've been focusing a lot on Europe and North America.

Today at TUSKA there is a lot of heavy music. And many finish bands are heavy in genral. So what do you think influences this? Probably the climate?

StS: Well.. it is not too much to do in finland. Either you can freeze to death or you can play in a band. So we prefer playing in a band.So.. id rather be in a band than freeze my ass off at some shitty work.

So it sounds like nearly impossible for a new band to push their way through all the existing ones.

StS: Of course it is so. Sometimes it is even like too f*cking many bands. And there are many people at all. ANd this world is economically very much down.And there is internet and many people think that it is okay to download the music and it brings the bands effort down which makes the record labels put less effort in the new ones. So it is p[retty f*cked up now.

But you think that the rock-music has the future or no?

StS: There always will be.
Time changes but im pretty sire that there will be place for real music forever. Like rnb music and sh*t like that gonna die but real music will stay. Those ones change every 10 years but people still like f*cking Black sabbath.
-But the most important thing is that you do the music form yor hear and you are happy with it. there will be good stuff always.

Then you maybe can name some bands that fall under that definition of yours of real music?

StS: That is Marillion, Iron Maiden, Duran Duran, Metallica,a bit My Dying Bride. More atmospehric stuff.

And you have really beautiful videos for your songs. Where do you take inspiration for making those?

StS: The music is that leads the video. I guess it is some sence that make us come up with the idea for the music video.
Our music is a lot of bound with something like images. But thank you very much for saying that they are bautiful. It is really important thing.

It surely is. Thank you so much for hte interview!

Interview : Varvara Murasheva
Photo: Julia Andreeva

P/S Thank for Tuula Salminen assistance in arranging interviews.

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