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Interview with Аrch Еnemy

Hey! How do you like our russian weather! Today you had oportunity to feel russian winter!

Sharlee (D´Angelo): Absolutely! It's all there! But it's probably summer for you!

Not really!

Sharlee (D´Angelo) : It's the first time this year i felt something like this. You know in Sweeden it happens too sometimes, but it usually happens a bit further North. I haven't felt it yet. I mean we were in Turkey. Last time we played in Istambul. It was all nice, the lovely memories of Istambul and then all of the sudden like in an hour after we got into snow. And the weather's really cold and like "brrr! we wont go anywhere from hotel!" And then we got here. The weather in Moscow was just horrible! So yeah, i thought I go for a little bit of a walk today, but this jacket is not warm enough and in the half of an hour i decided to go back.

Now let's pass to the more music-related quaetions. Your album is called Khaos Legions and do you mean any prophetic note under this title? Something like in 2012 the world will crucially change or something like that?

Sharlee (D´Angelo): Well, the thing is it turned out a bit more prothetic that we waited for. When we were writing the lyrics for the album we were writing about personal revolution and personal freedom more. But at the same time things that have happened in Indonesia, in Egypt, Lybia... it was like okay. It turned out a bit more real than we thought it would. But you know we're not talking about armed revolution here, we are more about the personal stand point and you know, people getting together and that got ultimately, not really inevitably, but altimately will lead to something like that. If the things do not get better when the people speak up, trzing to voice their point, you know it will lead to some sort of revolution in the end, when enough people have the same opinion. You know in this country you've seen that several times during three hundreds of years and you see the major change. So you know exactly what i am talking about. So.. it's not the whole album, it's something what's around.

You know your fans have differwent impressions of this album, there are alot of reviews and in some of them they're even comapring your song "No gods, no masters" to Lady Gaga's "Bad romance". Your comment? How did you decide to schange your style so that people come to such ideas?

Sharlee (D´Angelo): -laughs- In fact we didn't change our style. We did all thge same thing we wavwe all the time. But you can't write always the very-very same songs. You have to change something around. I personally think that 'Bad romance' is a very good song, but i've never heard anyone comparing it to us, but i wish our album sold as much as "Bad romance" did!

That is nice point! so.. there are a lot of problems in today's world, like economical problems, ecoplogical catastrophies, terrorism, wars, homeless children.. etc. Which do you think is the sharpest and probably you kno how to change it for the better?

Sharlee (D´Angelo): i am concerned about ALL of these issues. i can't say that one is more important than any other. We have starving children for example. And you have to do something so that they do not die, but in the long-run to prevent that happening in the future, you have to find financial and economical ways, like build society a little bit better. And we are the market economy and it's becomeing increasingly difficult, because now there are so many more competitors. it's not like russian producers are competing in russian market, but everyone is competeing with everyone now. I think it's comon decensy and sence of moral and caring for your fellow man is the only thing that can help. Not being so greedy to eat it all and then spit out. Some people are born in the country where nothing grows and others live in a country wheremany things grow and everything grows. You know it's in a sence like .. i don't want to use 'communism' here.. i'll explain it like a way of more socialistic way of thinking on the global scale. If we could be more sharing with others and especially people with power. You know politics is hard. If people get power-hungry they start using politics for dealing with different issues and in some time they forget like why they started and it all gets like about power. I wish i had more solutions but.. You know i am good at spotting the problems and i have no solutios.

Now let's switch to more up to the ground problems. You know nowadays people tend to get more lonely. There are many of them on facebook and twitter trying to find their 'second half'. And for many it's a really big problem. Probably you could help how to get more at ease and probably outspoken? You know many people type on the forums that they want to marry the band members of arch enemy.

Sharlee (D´Angelo):: -laughs- i didn't get many marriage proposals so far. But the only way to get out of that problem is going out and meeting people. Hanging out with people. How else you can do that? I don't belive in finding true love through the computer becuase you don't get to see the real person. Sometimes that works, when people go more for the words they say to each other and and do not care how they look. But anyway you don't know if they are sincere or not. You can meet a not sincere person too, but you have to trust somebody at some point.

You've seen a lot of fans all over the world. Which are more sincere? Which audience you like more?

Sharlee (D´Angelo):: People respond differently in different places. I would not say that one crowd is better than the other. But i would single out Japan. You know it's the crowd that most musically appreciates what you do, because they notice every little detail and they can comment 'on album-version you do this and here you played something different and how you did that" and it can be like a 14 year old girl. They don't really sing along, they listen. It's very quite. And there are people completely opposite, when they get to south America. People sing along to everything all the time. You know it;'s all very different.

How should the concert go for you that afterwards you think that this concert is good? How do you assess your gigs?

Sharlee: It should be like we play well and we don't have any problems on stage because technical problems is the only thing that takes your mind off from what you're doing. A good gig for me is when you get a really good crowd interaction, when you feel like energy is going like this all the time. And they're involved into the songs that you are and then they are and you get iven more into it it's like a bit viral. It's very very good and then you just feel like you'rew playing for a bunch of people and you're unanimous in the same room and i think that it's the most important with me.

Which aspects of life are the ,most inspirational for you?

Sharlee (D´Angelo):: I think it's everything. It can be either something good or something bad. I never really know how it will result on an album.

Which is the hardest part when you're recording an album?

Sharlee (D´Angelo):: it went pretty smoothly on the last one. There were like some tuning issues. When you have several guitar lines and they have to sound like one. Sometimes you have to spend more time tuning the guitars than actually recording. We didn't have a lot of problems on this one. Everythin g went fairly smoothly. But if you're not reaching what you're planned to do that's always a big problem how to bet there because otherwise you end up feeling a bit unsatisfied with the album.

Our last question is what was the last gig of the other band that you've visited?

Sharlee (D´Angelo):: ooh. It's been a while actually. Oh yes, i went to In-Flames, Trivium.

Thank you very much for the interview!

Interview : Varvara Murasheva, Julia Andreeva

P/S Thank Dario Dumancic and Dirk Lehberger for assistance in arranging interviews.

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