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In Extremo "When metal bands hate pop groups - it's stupid!"

Your last albums "Sterneneisen" and 'Sangerkrieg'seem to be less heavy than the previous ones. Do you agree? And probably you could tell us why it is so?

(Specki T.D):Less heavy? Really?

They sound less heavy, softer and smoother. People told us so.

(DR. Pymonte) We try to follow the trends, and i feel that is is not so. We try to follow one way, the In-Extremo style on every record. it is own feeling for everybody. on the Zauber... there were more magic things. And this one is faster. Therer are some powerful pieces. There is for example Viva La Vida. It is about drunken people who spend all their life partying. Viva La Vida has lyrics in latin and has international message.

You've already played a lot of gigs here in Russia. SO perhaps when you came here for the first time there were some stereotypes or superstitions about our country that were broken.

(DR. Pymonte)oh that was great feeling for us. We had some songs recorded and we came here probably 5 years ago for the first time. It was in Moscow and we played before some 200 people. there were a lot of promotion stuff, we had a lot of interviews for russian newspapers and after that we were feeling that people are very hungry here for this type of music.

That's in fact true, because people in Russia are generally hungry for foreign music and situation started to change only a year ago or smith like this.

(DR. Pymonte)Yes. but it's always a lot of work. The problem is to bring the whole band from other country to Russia with the whole line up, costumes, equipement , stage decoartions by plane - it's very expensive. And many promoters organize tings like this. It;s very expensive to pay them.

What do you think about younger modern german bands like Tokio Hotel? The most of the younger generation of music fans hbere in russia associate german music with them.

(Specki T.D)They're very-very successful in their own world. they were everywhere and i think it is very good that it gave the boost to the german music and german speech you know.

(DR. Pymonte)But they sing mostly in english now. And in germany there is a trend in last years that every kind of music has to be brought into a direction. And Tokio Hotel are from the other direction. But they young band, they have positive message for the people in this age so there's nothing wrong. no reasons to hate them. But it's the typical german problem that all heavy metal bands have to hate say pop-bands. For example if you go to netherlands or switzerland, there are festivals where many different kinds of music are played on one stag in one evening. I find it more a reason to make music than thinking 'we must hate them and them'. It's so stupid.

Then perhaps you could name some bands you like in the closer the genre?

Yeah, we also like them too here.

(Specki T.D)Great band. They're doing very good shows. And fireworks.

And many people of my generation who know some german know it because of the Rammstein lyrics.

And then what about the best X-mas gift you've ever recieved?

(Specki T.D.) Yeah! My first drum set! i was 3 years old.
(DR. Pymonte) And for mnme it was a model train.

Do you take inspiration from middle age in general for your music and concerts? or that's false?

(DR. Pymonte)that's a bit show and history. mostly it's visuality. for example in germany we do many fireworks. that's not allowed in russia. and if anyone visit the in-extremo show they have a possibility to change the times for two hours. it's what very important about in-extremo concert. the songs, the messages the histories.

So could you imagine now that you were elves and you had bows and arrows...

(DR. Pymonte)oh no! NO! we will always sit at the table with the big bottles of beer! Me? i am an elf? more that 150 kgs. i only don't have wings!

Do you like the Lord of the rings?

(DR. Pymonte)yeah! great pictures and film! and it is also the way to change time. so if you have problems you can sit aty the tv and for 6 hours get there. it's great!

Do you like more the movie or the book?

(both) never read the book.

Perhaps now you could wish something to your russian fans?

(specki t.d.)Thank you very much for comming for the last two shows and the show tonight! See you next time! We can come back every year!

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