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DNR "Dreams sometimes come true"

Dreams must come true. This fact we heard from Italian J-rock band Dreams Not Reality. They proved that strong way to your dream will make it real. Nowdays band prepares new album and video, and in a month they will give a concert in Japan in front of thousands people. They love Japan and ot helps them to go straight to what they want, evolve and still staying who they are. The interview was taken in friendly atmosphere, members of band joked and laughed many times, and in future the new step in creativity is waiting for them and they told us about that. About plans, about personal thought about Japanese music, and about interesting moments in their job they told in this interview that was taken in Moscow, in club "Plan B” 14.09.11, where they gave a concert with Dope Stars Inc.

Axia, Sieg: Hello, nice to meet you!
Ripple: Hello, nice to meet you too! You were in Russia two years ago.Are you glad to make a performance to Russian public again?
Sieg: Yeah, I am very happy.
Axia: Yes, we were in Russia two years ago. we always glad to back here, we’re glad to have chance to back.
Sieg: The audience screams a lot.

Ripple: You like when audience scream, I see, you like this way of emotions.
Sieg: Yeah.
Axia: It is satisfied.
Ripple: Would you prefer to come here more often?
Sieg: Yeah, would like to.
Axia: Yeah. Sure.
Sieg: Yeah. When the opportunity of management allows.
Ripple: What has changed in you, in your creativity for these years?
Axia: Of course, we’ve grown up and we have more personality sound, I mean, this will come up with coming album that will be realize in 2012 year and we’ve already started to prepare. Some songs we will record in November. Across November-December. So you will hear a few things are changed, but the soul of a band stays the same.
Sieg: Yeah. Our personality is still the same.
Ripple: Sometimes you sing songs from repertoire of Japanese rock. When you have a performance on the big venues with other artists of other genres how public meets you?
Axia: Some people look at this strange but what we like I mean we decide to play a few songs from J-rock as tribute what we’re sure if you don’t like J-rock at all you can understand that it is a great song. We will always play Japanese songs. We play songs with Japanese lyric because of Japanese bands. And we chose the perfect songs we think to introduce to people who is far from J-rock, this kind of music. We will play it on every concert, it is great music, it is Japanese high quality songs.
*Ash joined us*.
Ripple: Hello, nice to meet you!

Ash: Hello, nice to meet you. *Smiles*.
Ripple: So, that’s a kind of compromises between you and public.
Sieg: Yes.
Ripple: If you weren't the musician where else you could be realized successfully?
Sieg: I think, I could be an artist.
Axia: hah, sure.
Sieg: I like drawing.
Ripple: In what style?
Axia: Graphics.
Axia: When I was a child I liked to sing so I don’t see myself nowhere else except this kind of reality.
Sieg: And we would be great videogame players!
*Everybody laughs*.
Ripple: How scenic images are created?
Sieg: Step by step. We mix Japanese look and European look.
Axia: In a case we come here in Russia, it is not always possible to bring personal stuff, our hairstylist. It’s a little bit important. There must be opportunity to have all what we want as look as make up.
Ripple: How will you surprise your fans in the near future?
Axia: With two up-coming videos. And our album.
Sieg: We’re working hard to surprise our fans.
Ripple: For what anime would you like to write a soundtrack?

Sieg: Evangelion.
Axia: I agree with him.
Ripple: Do you have any ritual before a show?
Axia: Hugs. And we say to each other "come on!”
Sieg: Scream. *Smiles*.
Ripple: Are you afraid sometimes?
Axia: Afraid…hmm...
Sieg: Yes, but it’s more excitement.
Axia: We are nervous but…
Sieg: It’s part o a game.
Axia: Part of our job.
Ripple: What most unusual gift to you were presented by fans?
Sieg: I received a lot of portraits. Of me. *Laughs*. And I received little wooden guitar.
*At this moment Kira has joined to us*
Ripple: Hello, Kira.
Kira: Hello.
Ripple: Kira, it’s interesting to know from you, for what anime would you like to write a soundtrack?
Kira: Death Note. *Smiles*.
Ripple: Who from modern artists, in your opinion, has more chances longer to remain popular with public? May be Lady Gaga?
Sieg: Lady Gaga is a great artist and great production. If it’s good, artist will stay on scene for a long time. It depends from music and personality. It’s hard to stay for a long time.
Ripple: Do You have any songs devoted to someone?
Sieg, Axia, Ash, Kira: To our fans.
Ripple: What melodies do you have on your mobile phones?
Sieg: On my new phone I can’t change ringtone, so I have the one. *Smiles*.
Axia: I use standart ringtone. I have a lot of music inside, but for ringtone I want something clear.

Kira: A cucaracha. You know that? A cucaracha, a cucaracha…*Singing*.
*Everybody laughs*
Kira: I don’t care what on my phone. *Smile*.
Ripple: Whose show of artists was pleasant to you most of all?
Sieg: I love my own shows. *Everyone smiles*.
Kira: Versailles.
Axia, Sieg: Yes!
Axia: We saw how they prepare for going to stage.
Sieg: It is perfect machine.
Ripple: I know what you are talking about, I saw Miyavi’s show, it was step to step, absolutely clear…
*Everybody agrees*: Yeah.
Sieg: A great coordination.
Axia: Very perfect.
Ripple: Who in band is the most silent?
Sieg: It’s me.
Ripple: really?
Sieg: Yeah, on social sites I never write. I a little bit shy. I don’t speak a lot.
Ripple: How names of all of you have been chosen for band?
Kira: My name is not from "Death Note”, it is not true. It was chosen many years before "Death Note”. Kira means killer on Japanese. It’s mythologic. It brings visual kei and near to my personality.
Sieg: I love my character from consol game.
Axia: My name was choosen between me and him. When I just joined the band this name is putted at me as a new singer He explained me what Axe means. I like it, it’s perfect, it sounds good.

Ripple: What will you wish to fans?
Sieg: To fight what they love, keep strong.
Axia: To dream. Dreams become real, we know that, we wanted to play in Tokyo, and we will do it in a month. Stay dreamer. Dreams sometimes happens.
Kira: Follow dreams.
Ripple: Ok, thank you, it was a correct very good wishes from you!
Sieg, Kira, Ash, Axia: Thank you!

text: Jack Grell

Photos: Arify Derb

P.S thank Catherine Tokareva for assistance in arranging interviews.

Video : www.youtube.com

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