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Dead by april : The darkness makes you feel

Ripple: Welcome to St. Petersburg and first of all we wanted to telk you thatr you are extremely lucky to have such amazing weather you had today. Such sunny days in St. petersburg in autumn happen really rarely. So how did you spend this day? Probably you did some walks around the city?

Dead by April: Yes, me and Marco made a walk in the city.

Ripple: So maybe you habve some impressions on what you've seen?

Dead by APril: Yeah. It was really good! That was big. Everything severals bigger than in Goteenburg where we are from.

Ripple: How would you explain of interpret the name of the band? Here in Russia many peopple try to do that and there are too many options. So we wqant to find out which one is correct?

Dead by April: Here you can draw parallels in the name of the band to music. The contrasts of it. The more brutal and metal parts of it being for 'Dead'in Dead by April. And the nice melodies and whatever being for April'. Happy spring time!

Ripple: Was this part that stands for 'April' that made you decide to take part in Eurovision song contest? It is not so much popular among rock bands.

Dead by April: As long as we can deliver 100% Dead by April, we're gonna do it. No matter the coincidence or whatever. As long as we can , be ourselves and do what you do. So we'll see what happens in the future with this contest.

Ripple: As for the next album. probably you have already some plans and vision of how it's gonna be. So what the sound is going to be like? Because many of your fans after hearing the news about the Eurovision song contest feel slightly worried, thgat you will become more pop than they might propably expect.

Dead by April: No, we're going to play what we consider Dead by April.

Ripple: And now a question about Sweden: there is such an opinion that Sweedish people are very gloomy, dark and somehow suicidal people. Is that really so? Or is it a prejudice?

Dead by April: To some extent i think it is kind of like that.

Ripple: Probably you know why it is so?

Dead by April: There is some bitterness around in the wintertime. The darkness makes you feel sad and depressed. Then summer comes..
-And i a happy.
So everyone is sad except Marcus. our winter is very long.

Ripple: So here it is much the same. Gloomy. So probabloy uyou could share the secret how do you stay happy for those majority depressed?

Dead by April: I dont know. Im just happy.
-Have you ever tried like that? Just being happy?

Ripple: We definitely should.
And speaking about prejudices. Probably you have heard something about russia that turned out not so true? Like bears walking in hte streets.

Dead by April: Ive noticed that many men wear haircuts, so we're much alike. Like that. So wierd. All the security guards wear those. Like in movies. In black suits.

Ripple: This is really thing that you've noticed.
If you could pretend that you take part in a game like some sort of Survivor, whenn you are on some uninhabited island. And yo ushould vote that someone should go home. Whom of your band you would send home first?

Dead by April: That was not a very nice question. I dont know. Noone.
I will go away on my own in one day. I wouldn't be able to stand it.
Or maybe Alex, our drummer will leave on his own. First. If he doesn't get enough food for a day, he turns crazy. So he will swim to Sweden. And eat sea-grass on the way.
-Jelly fish maybe?
-No he;s vegeterian. SO some fish sometimes maybe.

Ripple: Which would you choose - to kiss a girl on the first day or not?
I think not. But if there is love in the air you can help yourself.
-I kissed my girlfriend on the first date.

Ripple; If you had the opportunity to ask some question to yourself but in future,to your future-self which would that be? And which answer you could get?

Dead by April: That's a hard question. This is an epic question. This is hard.

Ripple: Or than which advise you would give to yourself being younger?

Dead by April: Nothing. Ive learned a lot living my life. You need to make mistakes to learn and to develope as a person. So im satisfied. So far.

Ripple: So now, probably you could say something to your fans here?

Dead by April: Thank you to all of Russian fans. They are amasing. And Moscow was crazy. And we're hoping that this one will be as good. The crowd is really loveable in RUssia. We would love to come back.

Ripple: Sp hjow would you describe fans in Russia? MAny people say that the people are crazy and really emotional.

Dead by April: emotional! I would not say 'crazy' but really emotional! Here in Russia we feel that even guys are more emotional to our music.

Ripple: trhank you so much for the interview!


Authors: Varja Murasheva, Julia Andreeva

P.S Many thanks to Catherine Cooke for assistance in arranging interviews.

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